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StormFest Teacher Corner

We are so pleased you and your class have decided to join us at the second annual StormFest. StormFest is a one day, educational festival that teaches stormwater and watershed science to diverse 6th grade students in an interactive, hands-on format through outdoor station activities. All StormFest station activities have been aligned to Washington State Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. StormFest is funded by a Department of Ecology GROSS grant, and supported by all Highline Public Schools municipalities, which include the cities of Burien, Des Moines, Normandy Park, SeaTac, and King County.


PDF of StormFest Teacher Packet


StormFest Surveys


Student Pre-Survey: Required PRIOR to in classroom pre-lessons and festival. 

Student Post-Survey: Required AFTER festival. 

Teacher Post-Survey: Required AFTER festival.

(Use the language switcher at the top of the surveys to choose a language)

Notice: Please use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Edge to access the surveys above.

Some notes about the pre and post surveys:


  • Surveys are pretty quick and should only take your students 5-10 minutes.
  • The online format is preferred, however, feel free to use the paper version if needed. Both versions are available at the link above. I can also mail printed copies upon request.
  • The student surveys are available in English, Spanish, Somali, and Vietnamese. Please let me know if you need additional translation.
  • Please make sure your students complete the pre-survey prior to participating in any pre- festival lessons. Pre-festival lessons and activities are part of the lesson curriculum we are testing.
  • Please make sure your students fill in their student ID on both the pre AND post survey. The survey data will be kept 100%anonymous.
  • Please request a pre-stamped envelope from me if you will be returning paper surveys.




Thank you from the StormFest Committee!

This data helps us make StormFest better every year! J