Business License

A business license is required to conduct business within Burien city limits. Operating a business without a Burien business license is a violation of city law.

New business license system launched May 21, 2020

In an effort to streamline the licensing process and make it easier for businesses to apply or renew business licenses, the City of Burien worked with the Department of Revenue’s Business Licensing Service (BLS) to launch a new business license system.

You can now apply for both a City of Burien and State of Washington business license in one place!

Fees for Existing and New Businesses

Business license fees for existing and new businesses in and outside of the City of Burien:

  • Home occupation business based in the city of Burien - $35 annually
  • Business based inside the City of Burien – other than home occupation, with zero to 39 employees - $90 annually
  • Business based inside the City of Burien – other than home occupation, with 40 or more employees - $175 annually
  • Business based outside the City of Burien - $90 annually

The first BLS renewal fee will be prorated for less than the annual amount as your current city license expiration date will be changed to match the state license expiration date that BLS already has for your business in their system.

When you receive your next renewal notice, prior to your new expiration date, you will be charged the full annual renewal fee. That renewal will also include an $11 BLS renewal processing fee. This fee helps cover BLS processing costs, as well as the printing and mailing of renewals and licenses.

Special Business Licenses

If you are applying for a home occupation business license, please fill out the form below and send it to

If you are applying for a business license as a pawn broker, charitable solicitations, ice cream vendor, or massage services, please fill out the form below and sent it to

Rental Housing Business License 

Starting January 1, 2021, all landlords will be required to have a rental housing business license. The former rental housing license program requirements to renew your City of Burien rental housing license by July 31 of each year has been repealed.

Landlords will be able to apply for their rental housing licenses through the City’s new rental housing business license portal in December 2020, when the system is anticipated to go live.

Learn more about the new rental housing business license fees and inspection program.