Comprehensive Plan

Burien's first Comprehensive Plan was adopted in November 1997 following months of town meetings, workshops and public hearings. The plan has been amended several times since then, most recently in 2016.

The plan is based on the Burien Vision, an expression by the community of what the community should be in 20 years. The plan also reflects the goals and guidelines of Washington's 1990 Growth Management Act.

Plan Concepts

The plan has several major concepts, summarized as follows:

  • Creation of a sustainable community (a community that is socially, economically, and environmentally healthy).
  • Reinforcing Burien's small-town character and sustaining the character of existing neighborhoods.
  • Creating a thriving, yet pedestrian friendly downtown.
  • Using design guidelines to create a unifying visual environment throughout Burien.
  • Accommodating Burien's share of expected countywide growth (both in new housing units and job creation).
  • Providing public facilities and services within the City's financial resources.

Annual Amendment Request Process

Burien amends its Comprehensive Plan annually. Requests for amendments must be submitted to the Community Development Department by November 1. The list of amendments that will be considered is established by the City Council by February 1 following a recommendation from the Planning Commission.

Plan Chapters