Arts & Culture Grant

The City of Burien allocates approximately $20,000 each year for Arts and Culture Grants. The purpose of the City’s Arts and Culture Grants is to support arts and heritage organizations as well as artists who will provide cultural opportunities for City residents. We also hope these projects will attract regional artists and audiences that can contribute to Burien’s identity as an arts and culture-oriented city.

2021–2022 Grant Cycle

The total allocation of funding per year for the 2022 grant cycle is $20,000.

For the 2021 grant cycle the City received 12 eligible applications requesting $35,000. The Arts Commission recommended 10 organizations and artists receive funding. Council approved the Commission’s recommendations for funding in December 2020. The next application cycle starts in 2021 for 2022 funding.

How are Organizations Selected for Funding?

Funding Priorities

The City of Burien Arts Commission is interested in applications that focus on:

  1. Ongoing programs developed for or presented in the Burien community, and supportive funding to keep the organizations who run these programs healthy.
  2. Innovative projects (new or ongoing) that bring cultural experiences to Burien.
  3. Cultural education experiences for underserved populations.

What We Fund

  • Applicants must be individuals or non-profit organizations.  Evidence of non-profit status for organizations will be required.

  • The proposed program and/or event must be held in Burien or serve a majority of Burien residents.

Only one application per individual/organization will be accepted per year.

To Apply for the 2022 Arts and Culture Fund: