Mystery Challenge Safari

Breaking news! We have learned from an unidentified source that there may be a pair of unicorns in Burien! Can you help us find the elusive unicorns? Wander around Burien and solve the riddles as you follow the clues left by our furry and mysterious friends. Perfect family fun adventure!

The challenge will run from August 4–August 17.

To start your challenge: head on over to Phoenix Tea Shop at 447 SW 152nd Street in Burien and look for the “Mystery Challenge Safari” sign in the window and follow the directions. Bring paper, pencil, water, hand sanitizer, masks, and walking shoes! And maybe a few snacks to tempt those elusive unicorns (or for you to nibble on).

For extra credit (and extra fun!) dress up as one of the following as you do your safari:

  • Safari uniform (so the unicorn can’t see you coming!)
  • Rainbow colors (to attract unicorns!)
  • A unicorn costume, mask, headdress… (this will make them so curious!)

Please stay safe! Please make sure to do in small family groups, and wear masks if you are completing the challenge with others outside your household.

  1. Solve the riddles as they lead you to sites around Burien. This challenge is walkable (around 2 miles) and can be done in a few hours, all in one day or do over many days!
  2. Each site will have a sign with a new riddle and information on the next location. While you walk to the next site ponder the riddle answer! There are nine sites in all.
  3. Take pictures of you doing the challenge and send to or on social media with #BurienUnicorn
  4. When you finish the challenge follow the directions to be entered to win some fabulous donated prizes!

Share pics of you doing the safari challenge at or post on social media with the hashtag #BurienUnicorn.

Earn extra credit by sending us:

  • Pictures of you in costume doing the challenge.
  • Drawing or writing a story about your unicorn search experience.
  • Did you find the unicorns in the forest? How many did you find?
  • How many unicorns were in the windows?
  • A riddle you made up about unicorns.