Lake Burien School Memorial Park Improvement

Current Updates

Phase 3 -Project Construction

  • October 2021:
    • Playground
      • Footings surveyed and set
      • Playground installation
      • Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) installation
      • Playground inspection
    • Pathway
      • Asphalt completion
      • Soft pathway completion
      • Backfill and hydroseed
      • Bollard and bike rack installation
      • Demobilization

  • September 2021:
    • Contractor delays due to unknown findings in the subgrade and catch basins.
    • Playground:
      • Perimeter surveyed and prepped for footings and curbing.
      • Concrete curbing poured.
    • Pathway:
      • Surveyed, landscape encumbrances removed, and pathway outlined.
      • Concrete sidewalk poured, ADA elevations inspected.
      • Asphalt pathways sub-base ADA elevations inspected.
      • Asphalt pathways scheduled last week of September, weather pending. 
  • August 2021: Contractor mobilization.

    • Restrooms closed for public use.
    • Park closed for public use; pathway and playground construction commence.
    • Tennis courts remain accessible from the east entrance.
    • Questions can be emailed to
  • July 15, 2021: Preconstruction meeting held with contractor, consultants, and King County.

  • July 14, 2021: Contract was awarded to NEW X, Inc. for the modification and construction of the new park pathways and playground.

Scope of Work

  • Pathway: The existing walking loop will be improved to include an asphalt pathway and an adjacent soft surface pathway. The pathways are funded through a grant from the King County Consortium Community Development Block Grant Program, with funds obtained from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

  • Playground: The existing playground was removed in preparation for the new Venti system. The Venti® packs 20 exciting activities into its compact size. Nets, slides, belts and climbers provide lots of fun and challenges that promote physical development and strategic thinking, while also creating hangouts where kids can take a break and connect with others. With multiple entry points and plenty of activities, this accessible play structure can accommodate a whole class at once! In addition to the Venti, will be a traditional and dish swings. The new playground was approved by council in the 2018 Capital budget process. 


Contractor mobilizing upon contract execution, approximately August 2, 2021. Completion 110 days after fully signed contract.

Additional information forthcoming.

  • Playground, Park & Restrooms: Construction activity will be occurring throughout the park. For the safety of park users, the entirety of the playground, park and restrooms will be closed.  

  • Tennis Courts: Tennis courts will remain open for park programming and general use to the east of the park entrance. There may be short-term closures during sidewalk construction, between the parking and pathway loop, alongside the west of the tennis courts.

  • Parking: Limited parking nearest the courts on the east end, will remain available.  

Questions & Answers

Lake Burien Playground

Project Background

Phase 2 - Conceptual Design

  • Consultant: Berger Partnership

  •  Project Goals: Engaging with the current residents through surveys and discussions, the City gained additional understanding to build upon the conceptual period for a more feasible plan for the enjoyment of the community as a whole. The consultant, Berger Partnership worked with engineers to prepare plans and specifications, submitted drawings, and has received a permit for the construction of the  playground and pathway improvements.  Together, these new features will provide active, social, and healthy benefits for Burien residents.

    • The consultant received multiple proposals from playground manufactures and through a competitive process, selected a design that best aligns with the community feedback and predominant age group of the area.  The design by Landscape  Structures. The playground installation will be certified by the manufacture representative, PlayCreation.  The City of Burien is excited to be able to work with PlayCreation, a local Burien business. 
    • The City of Burien maintenance removed the existing, outdated playground, performed maintenance to the underground lines, and prepared the park for forthcoming construction.The design was placed for public solicitation, receiving two bid proposals.  The firm NEW X, Inc was determined as the most responsive, responsible, apparent low bid.  A contract has been awarded to NEW X, Inc.
  • Community Engagement

Phase 1 - Conceptual Planning

Project Timeline

The bids are due from contractors in early June and construction is anticipated to begin in July. The project will likely take up to six months. The schedule will be refined with the contractor, once they are selected.

Project Documents

Want to contribute?

The City is seeking private donations to help fund complementary park elements, such as benches and tables, as well as to fund other elements of the 2017 conceptual plan in the future.

Interested in donating to Lake Burien School Memorial Park improvements?

  1. Go to the donation page on Burien's class registration system to make a donation online
  2. Log into your account or create a new account. 
  3. Click on the Park Contributions/Donations tab on the upper left.
  4. Choose your desired donation amount.


If the amount you want to donate is not available in the menu, please call the Burien Community Center at (206) 988-3700 to make a donation by phone.