October StormFest: Recruiting station educators, interpreters, and volunteers now!
Posted on 08/09/2018
StormFest logo

Approximately 1,100 Highline 6th graders will descend upon Des Moines Beach Park on October 10th-11th to participate in the second annual StormFest. StormFest, a two-day experiential, interactive, stormwater festival, was designed to teach Highline 6th graders about stormwater and watershed science as a fun, inquiry driven learning experience.

Funded by a Department of Ecology GROSS grant, StormFest is a coordinated effort between the municipalities in the Highline School District, including City of Burien, City of Des Moines, City of Normandy Park, City of SeaTac, and King County. Due to the highly diverse Highline population, the StormFest Committee made a dedicated effort to create inquiry based curriculum through an equity lens. All efforts were made to create an inclusive learning environment, including the provision of buses, interpreters, and translated materials.

Visit for more information and to apply.