Permit System Replacement

City of Burien, Washington (the City) is seeking to obtain proposals from experienced and highly qualified software firms (Proposer) for the acquisition and implementation of an Enterprise Permitting Software solution that satisfies all of the City’s functional requirements. A detailed description of the products and services required are contained in the request for proposal.

Responses to this Request for Proposals will be accepted until 4 p.m. October 21, 2020. It is the sole responsibility of the consultant to ensure that the proposal is received before the submittal deadline listed above. Late proposals will not be considered.


Please submit your RFP response in the following format:

  1. One (1) PDF copy of your entire RFP proposal in proper submittal order as specified in Section 5 table inside the RFP.

  2. One (1) Word copy of your response to the Requirements document.


Sep. 21, 2020:  Release of Request for Proposal
Sep. 28, 2020:  Vendors Questions Submitted
Oct. 2, 2020:  Vendors Questions - Answers Returned and Posted
Oct. 21, 2020:  Proposals Due 
Nov. 2020:  Selection of Finalists
Dec. 2020 - Jan. 2021:  Software Demos
Jan./Feb.2021:   Due Diligence Review
Jan./Feb. 2021:  Contract Negotiations
Feb./Mar.2021:  Award Contract
Apr./May 2021:  Implementation Start Date


Responses to Questions

  • Click here to view responses to questions (PDF)