Lake Burien School Memorial Park Improvements

The City of Burien is requesting proposals from firms to provide design, engineering, and construction management for playground and barrier-free pathway improvements, including potential for optional tasks. The outcome of this project provides reasonable accommodations for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) pathways and age-appropriate, certified playground(s) for a safe, family-friendly community experience at the Lake Burien School Memorial Park.



Project 1 includes ADA Pathway Improvements made available through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and City of Burien funding. A contract will be subject to regulations of the U.S. Departments of Labor and Housing and Urban Development. Attention is called to federal provisions for Equal Employment Opportunity, HUD Section 3 requirements, and the minimum wages as set forth in the contract documents attached herein. Washington State Office of Minority and Women Business Enterprises (OMWBE) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firms are encouraged to apply. Project 2 includes the playground and optional tasks made available through the City of Burien and other opportunities as presented.


$520,000 is available for all engineering, outreach, design, bid process, construction management, construction, and contingencies.

Responses to Questions

No verbal discussions or communications will be deemed binding. All inquiries to be submitted in writing no later than seven (7) days prior to proposal solicitation. Questions to be submitted to Diane Salter, Parks Project Manager at

A list of questions and responses will be made available on the City’s website for review and reference prior to proposal due date. It is the responsibility of the proposer to check for continued updates until the proposals are due. Questions received by 10:00 a.m. will be responded to by the 5:00 p.m. of the second day, Monday through Friday.  

  1. Based on the RCW Qualification Based Selection process, will the pricing be reviewed separately from the qualifications part of the proposal? If so, should that part of our response be separate from the qualifications and approach for fairness in selection?
    Response: Under the pricing methodology section of the RFP, the City is seeking estimated costs for the consultant services. Please separate out design services from construction management services. This is not intended to be a line item budget; however, the City requests that respondents distinguish labor from other costs. This information should be included in the proposal and is 10 percent of the overall evaluation criteria. As stated in the RFP, the total project budget for design, construction and construction management is $520,000.
  2. Can the City provide a breakdown of the $520,000 total budget: How much has been allocated to the ADA vs Playground Improvements?
    Response: The intent would be one combined project, for a lump sum Not To Exceed contract.
  3. Does the total budget of $520,000 include or exclude admin fees for permits, reviews, and agency staff? If so what is the assumed percentage? Seattle Parks Department typically takes 25 percent.
    Response: Associated Consultant costs for admin, and other, are the Consultants responsibility, including the permits for the contracted designed scope. Burien admin and overhead costs are separate and not part of the $520,000.
  4. Can previous consultant (J.A Brennan) submit a proposal?
    Response: Because the conceptual design was performed approximately three years ago, in 2017 and scope has since been modified, J.A. Brennan will have an opportunity to bid the project if they choose to do so.
  5. Was a cost estimate included as part of the conceptual design? If so can it be shared?
    Response: The conceptual design is located on the Burien website. Link provided here. Rough costs were discussed, however as stated previously the scope has changed and costs are no longer applicable to the extent of work identified in this request.
  6. Does the City have boilerplate for bid advertisement and solicitation?
    Response: Each project is based upon its specific needs. Boilerplate advertisements and solicitation are adapted accordingly.
  7. Please clarify "Construction Management"? Does the city want the consultant to act as Owners representative?
    Response: The City of Burien Parks Recreation and Cultural Services (PaRCS) will act as Owner. The Consultant will act as intermediary between the City and Contractor. The Consultant will review, coordinate and provide recommendations and follow-up with contractor. Services will include such tasks as:
    • Participate in the bid solicitation process;
    • Review of Construction bids;
    • Participate in Project Kick-Off and weekly construction meetings and inspections;
    • Coordinate with Contractor for inspection follow-up;
    • Review Pay Applications for accuracy;
    • Submittal review for specification conformance, follow-up with Contractor as needed;
    • Weekly project inspections to review for quality installation and identify non-conformance concerns;
    • Coordinate with contractor to review Request for Information, make recommendations for review by Burien, follow up with contractor;
    • Evaluate Change Requests for validity, review contractor proposed recommendations and cost, provide recommendation for review by Burien, follow up with contractor;
    • Participate in final walk-through inspections and commissioning if applicable, follow up as needed;
    • Document above with weekly, or as otherwise agreed, report summary to City of Burien;
    • Participate in dedication ceremonies;
    • * Occasional meetings.above may occur via zoom or other online services
    • ** City of Burien now utilizes Blue Beam and BOX.
  8. Is the tennis court resurfacing part of the project?
    Response: The tennis court resurfacing is not a part of the scope.
  9. Could you please confirm the page count for us? Is it 10 pages total, using the front and back of 5 pages or is it 20 total using the front and back of 10 pages?
    Response: You may use the front and back for a total of 20. However, clarity is important. If you can reduce the number of pages, it is highly suggested.
  10. Irrigation: It looks like the park is already irrigated. Do PaRCS has as-built for irrigation available? Is it correct that we assume we’ll be tying into an existing system? Or should we assume that we will need a new irrigation system.
    Response: The landscape and meadow is currently on a sprinkler irrigation. Parks will work with your team to identify and provide locations; however, there are no as-built drawings available. Burien does have GIS locates for storm water and other utilities. Unless required, the most feasible, less disruptive options are preferred.
  11. Power: Is there additional electrical work beyond the potential revision of the lights at the arch. Are COB planning to install area lighting? Is the existing electrical service to remain? We think the electrical panel that serves the park is in the restroom building. Can you confirm this?
    Response: The panel is available at the restrooms. The lighting at the archway is the only identified lighting. The COB has not identified in this request area lighting in the park. The existing service is to remain, unless otherwise designed.  
  12. Should consultants submitting for this project have a contractor on their team?
    Response: No, this is not required. This project is a design, bid, build project. Under 3.0 Scope, refer to the information identifying that the consultant will be providing all bid documents for solicitation of the construction. The construction for the project will be publicly bid per the Washington State public bid laws and respective funding agencies.
  13. Regarding the price estimate, can you provide some guidance on how detailed an estimate you would like, e.g., schematic vs. detailed, hourly rates?
    Response: Consultants are requested to provide a price estimate. Since this is a design and construction project, clearly show the fee for the consultant and estimated funding for construction management and the construction contract amount. Any expenses separate from labor must be listed as separate line items. Reviews will be based upon being able to clearly evaluate the most responsible and responsive firm. Providing estimates detailed accordingly by Project 1 Pathway Improvements and Project 2 Playground Improvements will assist in facilitating these efforts. Costs for Optional Tasks A through E consistent with the Design and Construction Management, bid separately also by Project 1 Pathways or Project 2 Playgrounds is desirable. A construction Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM), calculated for the each project, not for individual tasks or major deliverables will assist in determining the extent of the work. The Optional Tasks can be called out separately.
  14. Does your $520K budget include all of the work described for Projects 1 and 2, and Optional Tasks A through E?
    Response: The available funding of $520,000 is available for all engineering, outreach, design, bid process, construction management, construction, and contingencies for the entirety of the project. Utilizing cost effective design alternatives and efficiencies will be advantageous to all.
  15. Part of the funding for the project is through HUD, and there is an encouragement for OMWBE firms to submit qualifications. Is this a requirement for submission? If not, what is the City’s OMWBE participation goal?
    Response: Yes, partial funding is through HUD. However, firms are not required to be OMWBE. We do encourage those that are OMWBE to participate.
  16. “What is the desired level of public outreach for the project? Will the City lead the effort of look to consultants to provide outreach?” 
    Response: Burien encourages the consultant team to propose a public engagement approach to refine the playground design. The City will take the lead with all logistics and marketing for the approach. The consultant will facilitate the meeting, develop the approach for the meetings and prepare exhibits. Outreach should be a combination of in-person and online.
  17. “The RFP requires evidence of a City of Burien business license. Can you confirm a State of Washington business license is insufficient? If so, is the City currently issuing new business licenses in light of COVID-19 closures?” 
    Response: Firms will be required to apply for a City of Burien Business License prior to contract execution. For those firms who currently have a license, please provide a copy with your proposal. For those who do not currently have a license, provide a signed statement that you will provide proof of application prior to contract execution. Obtaining a City of Burien license prior to proposal date is not necessary.
  18. “Will there be any pre-submittal meetings (virtually or otherwise) or site walks prior to the proposal deadline?
    Response: At this time, there are no pre-submittal meetings planned. The City of Burien encourages citizens to adhere to the Governor’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy Order, still in effect. Staying home and avoiding all non-essential contact with others is the best way to stay healthy, keep others healthy, and prevent the new coronavirus from spreading rapidly and overwhelming our health care system. Although most walking paths and parks remain accessible, the City of Burien has CLOSED all playgrounds, basketball, and tennis courts. For individuals who choose to visit a park location, Burien asks that you maintain the proper social distancing of six feet.
  19. “I interpreted this as a Design/Bid /Build project, with this RFP to be for design, Led by design firm (contract 1) and bidding and construction (contract 2) to follow. HOWEVER, I also read, “Pricing methodology: Provide a price estimate. Since this is a design and construction project, clearly show the fee for the consultant and estimated funding for construction management and the construction contract amount. Any expenses separate from labor must be listed as separate line items.” Which made me wonder if this is a design build project. Let by a contractor with a designer as part of their team (Contract 1). Can you provide clarity on what is meant by Price methodology?” 
    Response: This is a design, bid, build project. We are seeking a design consultant who can prepare the plans and provide construction management services for the eventual construction contractor. In the proposal, we are looking to learn what the design team’s proposed fee is to evaluate the proportion of funding remaining for construction, as the budget shown is for design and construction.
  20. "The concept drawings look good, were those form an RCO package, and did do those in-house, or did you have a firm helping you with the work?”
    Response: The concept was a 2017 project that can be found online at the City of Burien. The RFP is a phase of that concept that Burien is looking to build upon and complete. The concepts were not developed as part of an RCO Package. There is no RCO funding as part of this project. The firm that developed the initial concepts is JA Brennan.