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8th Ave S. Stormwater Retrofit Project
Project Name: 8th Ave South Stormwater Retrofit Project

Scheduled Start Date: 
Construction – began April 2017

Scheduled Completion Date:  July 2017

Project Manager:  Dan O'Brien, 206-248-5538 or

Contractor:  Scarsella Bros.

Brief Overview:  In 2015, Burien was awarded a Stormwater Retrofit grant from the Dept. of Ecology for a Water Quality Retrofit project along 8th Ave S. in the NERA. Design work began in early 2016 and was completed in early 2017.

This project consists of providing stormwater quality treatment to a drainage basin that currently receives no treatment prior to discharging to Miller Creek. This basin, approximately located between 5th Ave S and 8th Ave S, from S 143rd to S 152nd. Runoff from this basin will be split into two subbasins: the area north of S 146th will be directed east to flow into the City's recently completed Regional Stormwater Infiltration Facility on S 144th Way; the area south of 146th will be directed south along 8th in a new trunk line to a new water quality facility on S 152nd, between 8th and Des Moines Memorial Dr, which it will pass through for treatment prior to discharging into Miller Creek.

This project will provide water quality treatment (and infiltration for the subbasin north of 146th) to an area of approximately 61 acres of existing residential development.

Significant detours and traffic revisions may occur throughout the 3-4 month construction timeline.
Project Status:  Scarsella has completed all significant portions of the project. What remains are several final punchlist items, and planting for the water quality facilities. These items should be completed in September.

400 SW 152nd St, Suite 300  /  Burien, WA 98166  /  Ph: (206) 241-4647  /  Fax: (206) 248-5539
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