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Don't Drip and Drive 

When your car leaks oil and other fluids, it is often a sign of a larger problem. If you ignore oil leaks, they can lead to major engine damage and a more expensive repair bill. Oil and other vehicle fluids from cars are toxic. Fix your leak so that vehicle fluids don’t end up in puddles where kids and pets like to play! 

Fixing vehicle leaks is good for the environment. Vehicles drip an estimated 7 million quarts of motor oil into the Puget Sound watershed each year. Oil and other petroleum products can harm wildlife and habitat. When it rains, stormwater runoff carries petroleum products to rivers, streams, lakes and Puget Sound.

FREE vehicle leak test and up to $50 off repairs at participating shops.

Check out our calendar for details regarding the free leak check event at Puget Sound Skills Center in Burien on January 12th!

Participating Auto Shops

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 Storm drainage issues
Look for the low spot. The storm drain is most likely located in or near the lowest spot of the puddle, covered by leaves. That’s why it’s not draining properly.

Take a shovel or push broom and uncover the storm drain by brushing the leaves away. Depending on how much water has built up, you might need to use some muscle! As the standing water drains, more leaf debris will flow over the drain, meaning you might have to do this a few times.

If you are struggling with keeping your drains clear, call the City of Burien for help at 206-241-4647.

cathcbasin dirty


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General Stormwater Housekeeping

Mow and trim ditches - if you don’t, the culverts can get clogged easily during storms.

Keep drains and catch basins clear of debris.

Check the culverts that go under your driveways. If they’re full of debris or sediment call the City of Burien and we can clean them out.

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Rain Gardens


Rain gardens are shallow depressions filled with native plants which act as an infiltration basin for stormwater runoff.

We highly recommend this easy to use guide on how to build your own rain garden.

Contact Mary Eidmann, Burien's new Stormwater Education Specialist, if you are interested in installing a rain garden on your property or would like more information:

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St. Francis of Assisi Community Rain Garden
In 2011, a sixth grade class at St. Francis of Assisi school installed a rain garden with the assistance of their parish and neighborhood. Read our interview with their teacher, Michael Stein-Ross, to learn all about it.
Rain Garden Interview

When first completed, in 2011:

Five years later, in 2016:

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Rain Barrels and Cisterns

Divert your gutter downspouts into a rain barrel. Rainwater is one of the cleanest and cheapest sources of water.

Use it to water your landscape or garden. To create your own Rain Barrel, follow our easy to use guide.

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driveway-carwash.jpg Car washing is harmful
When you wash your car on a compacted surface, the dirty water or effluent containing soap, heavy metals, road grime, greases, and oils can enter our storm drains. 

Unlike sanitary drains, storm drains usually run directly into creeks, ponds, lakes, and the Puget Sound. Untreated effluent destroys aquatic habitat, harms fish, and degrades water quality. Even biodegradable soaps may be harmful to fish!

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Natural Lawn Care
As much as we love our lawns, they do take a lot of work to keep them healthy and looking good. We also should care for them in ways that keep children and pets healthy, and keep runoff from our yards and driveways clean. Runoff from our yards and streets does not go to a sewage treatment plant like the water from our sinks and showers. Clean runoff helps lakes, streams and Puget Sound have enough oxygen for fish to breathe.

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Our partners...
King County Conservation District
The King Conservation District’s Urban Shoreline program helps urban homeowners protect and improve the health of streams, rivers, wetlands, lakes, ponds and marine shorelines by removing invasive plant species and installing native trees and shrubs. All landowners within the city limits of Burien are eligible for the Urban Shoreline program.

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As part of the Miller-Walker Creek Basin, The City of Burien joins King County, Normandy Park, Seatac, and the Port of Seattle in supporting a 10 year restoration plan.

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