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Animal Care and Control

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1. My pet is lost. Where should I go to look for it?
2. I found a lost pet in front of my house. Who should I call?
3. Does CARES respond to barking dog complaints?
4. When can a caller expect the phone to be answered by a CARES staff member?
5. I have a King County pet license. Is it still good?
6. Do I need to replace my King County pet license tag?
7. Does CARES accept surrendered dogs and cats?
8. Does CARES pick up feral cats?
9. Where is the CARES office and when is it staffed?
10. There is a dead animal on the road in front of my house. Who should I call?
11. What is the City's policy on euthanasia?

400 SW 152nd St, Suite 300  /  Burien, WA 98166  /  Ph: (206) 241-4647  /  Fax: (206) 248-5539
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