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Posted on: August 22, 2017

Still time to give input into City of Burien’s 2018 budget

Updated November 6, 2017

The City of Burien budget, approved by Burien City Council, sets the policy and program priorities for the next two years. Council adopted a two-year budget in 2016. The 2017–2018 budget reflects the priorities stated in the Burien Strategic Plan 2017–2020 as well as from the most recent Burien Community Survey.

In recognition that projects or conditions may change within this time period, the City follows a mid-biennial budget amendment process. This gives City staff and Council an opportunity to make minor adjustments to the two-year budget. The Council also updates the City’s financial policies at this time.

Since early October, the City Finance Department has presented information about the budget to City Council in open meetings.

Public is invited to provide comment on the City budget
Community input is an important part of an open and transparent budget process. The public will have two opportunities to provide comments on the budget this fall. The public is also invited to hear Council’s discussion. Please see the calendar below for more information about the budget amendment process.

  • October 2, 2017: First public hearing on revenue sources and expenditures. The Finance Department presented mid-biennial budget update overview to Council. Council discussed proposed 2017 financial policies. See the presentation to Council.
  • October 16, 2017: Council discussed details of the mid-biennial budget update. See the presentation to Council.
  • November 6, 2017: Second public hearing on revenue sources and expenditures. Council has a follow-up discussion of mid-biennial budget update. This includes a discussion of property tax levy and proposed Surface Water Management (SWM) rates. See November 6 Council agenda packet (page 197-214).
  • November 20, 2017: Council takes action to adopt the property tax levy to meet the statutory deadline of November 30. Council also takes action to adopt the SWM rate to meet statutory deadline of December 1. Council discusses ordinance to adopt the mid-biennial budget. 
  • December 4, 2017: Council takes action to adopt mid-biennial budget ordinance to meet statutory deadline of December 31.

What are financial policies?
Financial policies are intended to serve as a Council-approved set of values and expectations for Council members, City staff, citizens, and other interested parties who may do business with the City. The policies describe expectations for financial planning, budgeting, accounting, reporting, and other management practices. 

2017–2018 Budget Priorities

The 2017–2018 budget includes improvements to public safety, infrastructure, as well as adding programs for youth and teens. Because our revenues don’t often match the amount of need in our community, sound fiscal management is also a priority. The budget outlines ways to make city operations more efficient and effective. 

The total two-year budget is $81.9 million and includes $53 million in General Fund expenditures. The major elements and themes of the 2017–2018 budget are:

  • Modest increase in funding to maintain Burien’s infrastructure in order to avoid more costly repair work in the future.
  • Replacing outdated software and other technology.
  • Protecting Burien’s financial health through prudent management and savings.
  • Addressing the structural deficit and expiration of the Annexation tax credit.
  • Increase key police resources to enhance community-based policing services.
  • Increase human services funding. 
  • Provide funds for public art. 
  • Continued economic development investments such as implementation of the new City brand, and implementation of the mobility study and downtown wayfinding.
The budget amendment process will not change the priorities listed above. Instead, it will reflect minor adjustments to the budget to better meet the priorities established by Council in 2016. 

Please visit burienwa.gov/budget to learn more about the City of Burien budget.

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