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Posted on: February 10, 2017

Road Closure (Update)

Updated February 13, 2017

The City of Burien closed the Peter Western Bridge to all traffic on Thursday, February 9. City staff notified the Burien Police, Fire Department and utility companies.

Because of a deep snow followed by heavy rain, the ravine experienced severe scouring, which has caused significant erosion underneath the bridge’s support columns. The creek running through the ravine has also moved, causing further erosion. City staff are attempting to implement emergency repairs to prevent further damage to the bridge.

The Public Works department is working with outside technical experts to take immediate steps to ensure the safety of the area.

A few facts about the bridge:
  • It was built in 1950.
  • It underwent a seismic retrofit in 1996.
  • It was inspected in June 2016 by King County. The report state that there were no issues with scouring of the hillside.
  • There is an apartment complex as well as a few private residences near the bridge.

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